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I have to buy a new carbon mast for my 7.5 Ezzy freeride sail and a 6.5 Gaastra Pilot to replace my oldish Viper 75% which has just snapped while trying to disassemble it with vise and pliers( it had gotten stuck real bad ) .I can't afford a new 75%, so I am thinking of a lower carbon mix. I am being offered a good deal on a Gun carbon mast (460 cm , 35%, 25 ICMS ). Does anybody know if Gun masts are good quality and if they work satisfactorily with the above mentioned sails? I am not looking for optimal " professional" performance but I I wouldn't want any serious incompatibility issues either, particularly as concerns the fit of the mast into the sleeve and a sufficient flexibility to allow the batten to come forward and facilitate the rotation.. As far as I am concerned, my Viper was good. If I can get the same performance from the Gun mast I'd would be more than happy.

Any comments on this?


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