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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
for me Gaastra is what they call `hard top` and Ezzy is `constant curve`
so, would the same mast even do `great` on both sails ??

Ezzy always says their sails work with ANY mast - what`s that all about ??

over time - have learned - put suggested/recommended mast with your favourite sails !!
As I said in my original posting, I am really not an advanced sailor,( probably an intermediate one) and, for all the nice and undoubtedly true, " by the book ' suggestions for optimal performance which I am being offered by experts , I believe the difference between using a " compatible" mast and an "incompatible" one with a given sail is too subtle to be appreciated by anybody who is not a real pro. If my Gaastra Pilot was incompatible, as Roger suspects ( and it might well be true), with the 75% Viper mast I had been using for 6 years before it broke, the bottom line is that it was quite satisfactory to me and it never prevented me from enjoying my sailing, so I am inclined to think that I shouldn't worry too much about the compatibility of a new " constant curve" Gun Mast if it can perform at least as well as the " wrong" Viper I had before.....
I'd be curious, though, to know in what respect an incompatible mast would differ from a compatible one, in terms of performance, in the eyes of an expert, concretely. Speed? Manoeuverability, Planing capability? Or are there any safety issues, like possible breakages?


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