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Default RE: Early planning alternatives for light weight sailors

Hello Han,
My experience with the wider boards (starting with the Starboard W-75 flapper board, then the F-155 (85 cm wide) and on to the 100 cm wide pure formula race boards) is that it takes a bit larger sail, to get the wider boards going in truly marginal conditions, but no board I know that's less than 85 cm wide with stay on plane when the wider boards will.
Getting a narrower board (< 85 cm wide) going in marginal conditions requires more pumping to "launch" and alot more pumping to stay planing in the lulls.
There are some narrower boards (the Hypersonics, &#39;04 Free Formula and &#39;05 & &#39;06 F-Types that will stay on plane as well as a formula board and are alot easier to sail and do not requie the hugrigs.
But, it deends alot on the sailor and the rig choices.
Do you have a rig that&#39;s race" oriented" or something with substantially more low end power.
Do you mind pumping or is a couple of big pumps to "launch" about all you want to do.
No clear and easy answers to this question.
Hope this helps,
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