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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
I said I was pretty sure, but added the caveat that I wold need to know when your 75% Viper mast was made.
In the 90's, I sailed all top of the line North sails and masts. The North "version" of a "constant curve mast was a bit soft in the top. Almost a flex top. If your North Viper mast is significantly newer, it may truly be a 460 75% North Viper that meets the IMCS 24-26 spec.

I wish first to thank you for the wealth of professional observations you provided on the mast/sail compatibility issue. All I can tell about my previous Viper mast is that it must have been more than 5 years old since I bought it 2nd hand about 6 or 7 years ago. There are no other descriptive details on it except 25 cc ( ICMS ) and the term " Xcellerator technology".Perhaps it was leaning towards " soft top" characteristics, but It didn't seem to perform too bad, really, with the sails I have. But maybe I am still a bit too....raw to perceive certain subtle differences. I'll soon test the Gun( Advantage) mast. Not many people seemed to be able to comment on it . All I was able to find out is that it is a " constant curve", so I took a chance and bought it, since the price was extremely good for a brand new mast, still in its plastic wrapper and, also because I believe it is German made. As compared to the Viper, the Gun mast seems to be better finished. The texture is very smooth and uniform, unlike the Viper, which had a tendency to fray a bit and give off a black dust on contact.

Thank you again

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