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Thanks jmunkki and mark h for your replies and insight. You both have mentioned the areas I have been considering. I love the feel of the slightly smaller boards, hence thinking of the i107, but need to consider light wind days as well. I also did not wont to go to wide as I felt it would leave to big a gap in between the boards, but maybe that is not an issue.

Mark, thanks for the insight into the design of the i117 versus i117w. More food for thought. I'll definitely wait to see what the 2013 offerings are, but sometimes finances mean I need to go s/hand.

I suppose I am after a 2 board solution with the small board being eventually an i87 and there has to be some trade of in the next size, whether it be at the light wind end or in the moderate wind range.

Would still like to hear from 117 riders to get their opinion.
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