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Hi Kaan-V

The tail from deck is almost the same but the wet surface on the 110 is smaller than the 107. So the board plane earlier accelerate more and have better top end speed. The advantage of the 107 is in strong choppy water and strong winds due to the fact the board is much more narrow 68.5 vs 75cm.

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Hi Remi - I've been watching this thread with some interest, as I was thinking of getting a 117W to partner my 2012 97 (which is a massive improvement on my previous 101, so well done there) I'm rather intrigued by the 110 concept, how can the wetted surface of the 110 be smaller than that of the narrower 107? I guess the implication must be that the planing surface must be much shorter (too acount for the increased width) or higher aspect, Which I guess must mean that either there is more rocker in the tail area, or significantly larger cut outs? so I guess 2 further questions (I weigh around 80Kg and am using NP RSR sails up to 9M) would the new 110 be a better partner to the 97 than the 117W? and are there significant changes to the 2013 117W?

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