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Still too many variables......
Sailor size/weight....?
Windspeed more suitable for a 5.5 m2 or a 6.5m2......?
Board width........
Surface conditions....different in 5.5 m2 conditions than in 6.5 conditions....which will also
affect board width/type.
Camber inducers simply add shape and stability to a really well tuned sail.
If the sail is too large or too small for the conditions camber inducers will be more helpful
in maintaining the optimum shape when overpowered on the "too large" sail.
More speed..... if the sail is well tuned and the correct size (m2) for the sailor's weight the cambers
would tend to be a little faster.
Not well tuned, wrong size for conditions or sailor weight... not so much!
More power.... depends if it's on the low end, or the top end.
The added shape of camber inducers can add power on the low end, but the downside is that the
inducers also create additional drag in up and down gusty winds when the wind is ebbing.
Well tuned RAF free race sails can provide similar low wind power... in fact sometimes better low wind power that multi-cambered race sails.
If not well tuned....not so much.
More control..... absolutely.... camber inducers add stabiltiy to the foils shape and increase the range of use substantially in fully powered to overpowered conditions.
If you are racing....slalom racing...etc. camber induced sails are what it takes to get to the front of the fleet in most cases.
If you are free riding...cambers can be good, but the rig will be heavier, and rigging will be more difficult/complex when compared to a non-cambered RAF sail

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