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Default RE: Early planning gear light weight sailors


The kite i had in mind wouldn't cost any more than a new light wind rig+board. I didn't say he should buy a whole quiver of kites or something, just one kite and board about 16 - 18 m2 as an alternative to big rigs.

The reason i suggested it is that my dad bought a formula board and 10m2 rig and i tried it a few times and i didn't like it at all. It was heavy to uphaul, almost impossible to ''pump'' and it felt like a torture when i got planing. The 10m2 sail was simply too big for me. When the winds got strong enough to get planing without pumping, a friend who weighs about as much as me went in with a 140l/7.6 and was planing with no problems. In the afternoon, when the wind was strong enough for 5.5, i was too tired to go sailing....

We sold the formula the same season.

Kind regards

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