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On 2011 and 2012 Reflex sails, the cam rotation is really smooth as silk. However, camber rotation on 2010 Reflex sail is a bit rougher, so I would try to have a mast surface finish as even and as hard as possible to ease up the rolling of the camber around the mast.

I'm not sure the Duct tape quick and dirty job that I'm doing with my sails is the best solution for your 2010 sail because the Duct tape material is soft and will get grinded away very quickly. Maximu's advice to cut out the damaged plastic area and glassing over to protect carbon from camber wear and chafe looks like the best remedy to me because you will get a hard and even mast surface finish on which the camber rollers might roll over more smoothly than over a soft and rougher mast surface finish. Applying a dab of Teflon over that camber area is a good remedy as well, but make sure to stay away from the boom clamping area...!

Cheers !

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