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hi Remi
i use isonics as slalom boards to fight my mates
wea are all happy and love slalom and im used to straps on the edge etc
for lightwind they dont care to go out sailing so im practicaly alone whith other windsurfers freeriding , not my mates
so my windsurfing whith 8,2 mtrs is for pure fun
down i have 7 and 6,2 pure race sails and isonics but here i choose a NP h2 of 8,2 mtrs for ease of use etc
now choosing my board i buy an Ultrasonic and try a few times but did not like too much because was so big etc
a guy come to see it ( ultrasonic) on the beach and i offer a try and he buys it from me inmediatetly , i lost a littele money but was happy
so no im deciding again what to buy and i was thinking in the futura 141 carbon as it is smaller than the ultrasonic and easier than the isonic 137 for straps and aslso not so living in the edge..
can you give me some advise in what im going to find?
thanks juan
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