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... a quick market product research about PFD/buoyancy aids that are compatible with a seat or waist harness:

a) PFD with a high harness hook hole:

b) PFD/buoyancy aids that are compatible with a waist harness:

O'Neill Superlite USCG wake/waterski vest (4 buckles, no front zipper, bottom buckle may be left unclosed to ease access to high harness hook)

Caution about so called "kite vest" or "impact vest for kitesurfing" : they have very low buoyancy/flotation capacity, much less than 50 N:

c) kayak-designed PFDs :

These kinds of PFDs are fine with a low hook racing seat harness type. Problems I see is that they are too bulky to be worn over a waist harness and the presence of a front zipper might severely hinder/reduce the free access to the high harness hook when windsurfing.

Cheers !


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