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Default 2013 models - why no tri-fin board?

Hi guys,

Congratulations on the new model line up. Boards look (and I'm sure go) great. Already ordered a 97 iSonic. But I was wandering why you didn't bring out a tri-fin board.

Now I know the Kode is Philip's signature board and he has preferance to a twin but non of us ride or will ever ride like him. Some of us like a good old middle fin that you can bump and jump and stick on a couple of thrusters to transform the board for the occasional Eurostyle onshore good weather day. And although you'll probably direct me to the Quad but for me (who I'm a bit old school) I prefer to have a middle fin for that extra speed and a couple of thrusters for that extra control.

Of course I'm talkign about personal preferance here which might not cover the majority of your customers but I'm sure Philips way of riding doesn't either.


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