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On the selection of what type of PFDs is best suited for your water sport activities (type I, II, III, IV and V) according to the US Coast Guards recommendations:

2 conclusions :

1) "Most of the victims owned PFDs, but they died without them. A wearable PFD can save your life, if you wear it. When you don't wear your PFD, the odds are against you. You're taking a chance on your life. Always wear your PFD. Even if you become helpless from hypothermia, your PFD will keep you afloat".

2) "In terms of risk of drowning, the safest Personal Flotation Device (PFD) is the one youíre willing to wear! Obviously, the best PFD is the one that saves your life every time itís needed.
The very best performing PFDs ever made, Type Is, provide only a small increase in probability of survival over a Type III PFD (type III = made for waterskiing, canoeing, kayaking)".

"Conclusion: The best PFD is the one that matches your needs!"

Cheers !

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