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Question Futura Product description 2013

Dear Starboard Team,

When I read the new Futura product description, I was a little surprised. In the section "What´s new" I found exactly the same 3 topics than last year with exactly the same wordings.

For example:
111/121/131: Thinner again by 5mm, 7mm and 16mm (111, 121, and 131 respectively). The reduced thickness further increases the Futura’s responsiveness and controllability.

In 2012 this matched with the specifications, the thickness for the Futura 121 was reduced from 12.1 (in 2011) to 11.4 (in 2012).

But in the 2013 specifications the thickness of the Futura 121 is increased to 11.8. This is vice versa to the product description.

Since the two other new features have also been introduced already in 2012, I ask myself: What's new about the Futura´s in 2013 unless the new cut-away shapes?

Best regards
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