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Default Formula Freeride

Hi Everyone,
I have a Starboard Formula 161, which I don't race, but use for a light wind board. I can use it up to about 15 knots before it gets uncomfortable with the stock 70 cm fin.. Problem is, my smaller board doesn't fire up until about 18 knots with a 7.5 (I'm 225 lbs).

Before I bought the F161 I used a Bic Techno Formula, which I have to say was much more user friendly than the F161, and would sail more comfortably in the higher wind range. The fin broke out, because it was their first model that still had a trim box (crazy for a 65cm fin)

Anyway, I'm looking for a simple solution to sailing that 15-18 knot gap. I figure I have two options:
1) get a smaller fin for the F161 for higher winds - I was thinking a 50 cm. I would want to be able to use it with my 10.6 NP V8, I also have an old RS-1 9.0 I occasionally use, but also would like to use as small as a 7.5 when the wind is around 16 knots +/-.
2) find a good used bic techno formula - or something that is close to that. Might need two fins for that board as well.

Any thoughts on this?
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