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Default Advice on Board/Sails

Hi Roger,

I need a little advice to buy a new board and sail. Im 192 pounds, with 6'0 height. At the beach Im sailing we have around 10-18 knots (normally thats it, but it could get a little higher). Im looking for a board that can "plans on" early with that amount of wind, and the fastest one when the wind gets higher.

I was looking at the carve 133, probably with a NP V8 8.5 sail, It's that a good option ??? My friends here are using Formulas 186 and 175 (2002 boards) ... I try a GO-155 with a NS Natural 7.0, and in high wind it plans ok, but with low wind it's very slow.

Do you think the Carve 133 will be a good option for my conditions here with my 192 pounds ??? Any other suggestion ???

How do you compare a NP V8 with a SW-Retro sail ???

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