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It sounds like the ultrasonic might be better suited for you then. Personally, I really love the upwind and downwind capabilities, it means you can actually go somewhere rather than just back and forth. But we also have an arcipelago with lots of islands to go around.

Downwind is a thrill but when you get the settings right it is a lot of fun, and not dangerous at all. You'll need to release a lot of the outhaul tension though (with the compulsory adjustable outhaul) and make sure the mastfoot is not to far forward on the board. On the F158-162 models, and also the HWR, I've always been at the very back of the track with the mastfot. The 167wide is different though, but the mastrack is further to the rear to start with and the center position seems fine here (gives a similar distance to the fin as the earlier models did at the very back position).
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