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I don't have a 147, but it should beat everything upwind and downwind, except a formula board if the wind is at least 12-15 knots.


Learning upwind sailing on a formula board is pretty easy, the major risk is sheeting out when you get overpowered. If you don't keep the power on, with downward force in your seat harness, the board can take off/tail walk/back flip.

Downwind is a lot more demanding and takes a lot of practice, plus getting tossed over the nose is a given when learning. The risk is the mast hitting the nose of the board and breaking the board. On the other hand, it's a huge adrenaline rush when you get it figured out. It's mostly developing the confidence in your gear, since it's amazing what it can do when tuned correctly.

I am an average formula sailor, but sailing downwind in 25+ knots in 1 meter+ chop with a 7.6 can be a thrill of a lifetime (I have only do this in a race).
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