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Default RE: low planing question :)

Thanks pete for the feedback on the 148 and 158. I use the 158 as my low wind board to get me out as long as possible in our low summer winds. Since it is my low wind board i want it to be able to plane early and then i switch to another board asap. i am not as much concerned with the higher wind ability of the ftype. i moved from a formula board to this ftype 158 b/c the ftype was so much more comfortable to sail in a BAF type of recreational sailing setting. i was willing to give up a knot or two on the ftype vs the formula on the low wind side. i don;t want to go back to that formula feeling. now it looks like i would have to give up a little more if i move to the isonic 155. hopefully i will get a little demo time and see. i better take care of my 158 for the time being .


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