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Hi remi
I will like to have your opinion on this:
Normaly i use freewave boards from 4 mtrs to 6,4 mtrs on different spots whith wave sails
Probably 75% of my sailing is bump and jump and the wind use to be steady at different strenghts somi can choose board and sail and go sailing quite easily
When the wind is offshore , but inside a big bay i use slalom board so i only have 1 slalom board
I sail slalom allways in the same spot
The wind is very gusty but strong and we use 6,2 and 7,0 sails
70% of the time the 7,0
I have an isonic 97 carbon 2012 !!!
When thebwind is on is fantastic whith both sails but as the wind is so gusty i spend a lot of time half floating as i weight 86 kgs
Today i sail the 6,2 and my isonic 97 was full speed , fantastic but i get really bad moments whithout wind also
Also when 7,0 this 97 goes verynwell but again the lulls make me sink
My problem is that having only one slalom board im suffering a lot on the very common lulls we have
So i need more liters !!!?????
Im thinking in change my 97 for a 107 ? Or 110?
What so you think , the 107 will work ok whith this sails? Or it will be too much board for this sails?obviously will be a solution for the lulls but will i control the board when i have the wind back?
So the 110 will be worst?
Thanks and saludos juan
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