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Default Stock Footstraps of IS and Futura

Hi All,

I own two starboards. IS101 and Futura93. I found the stock footstraps that are shipped with the boards are not good enough. Since the size of my feet are relatively small (Shoe size US7, Eu 39), the footstraps could hardly be tightened to my desirable size.

In addition to this I perfer speed-oriented setting. I normally prefer tightening the footstraps to an extent that only my toes can be seen when my foot is fully engaged.

For speed/freeride boards like the IS and Futura, it is obvious that the stock footstaps havevn't fully utlized the remaining room for possible further tightness. No matter how hard I pull the tightening strap, tightness is limited by the outer cushion of the footstrap.

JP handles this a lot more better. You can choose to have just about any tightness by flexibly adjusting how much the inner flaps overlap with each other when disassembling the footstrap.

Can Starboard please have the design enhanced in the new models such that it can serve the need of more users. Thanks.


Starboard IS101 (2007)
Starboard Futura 93 (2008)
JP Supercross 86 (2005)
JP Supercross Pro 86 (2007)
JP Supercorss Pro 96 (2007)
F2 SX 90 (2007)
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