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Default footstraps Isonic 131 2010

A troubled mind,
I have a Isonic woodcarbon 131 2010, and had a lot of fun with it. But last month while performing a simple gybe the left front footstrap completely ripped out out the board (the whole plug) and had to be repeared. I reached out to my shop and the contacted starboard. Since the board was over 2 years old, there was no more warrenty and had to pay for it myself. Initially not a big problem, and didn't think to much of it.
The first time out on the water performing a gybe, one i have performed over and over during the last two years, the footstrap on the other side came out of the board just like the strap on the other side. Since i knew the reaction of starboard, i did not even bother to contact them again. Knowing i had to pay for it myself again. That's not thing that bothers me the most, i really like sailing the isonics (owning a 131, 107, 101, and a 87) but my worst fear is that the other one's wil break just as easy as the others.
So now i am seriously considering to sell the other one's before they break as well.
And try out another brand.
Does anybody recognize this problems,
like to hear from you
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