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Guys please,
Isonics are starboards racing machines. They are deigned for Professional racers who would push these boards to their absolute limits. I mean does any one think that BD or B VDS use the same board all season??? I seriously think not.
Further let's just think about other sports, cycling for example. I weigh 97 kg now and in my previous life i weighed about 87 kg cycled a minimum of 250-300 km a week as part of my cross training. I could not buy a Trek, Ridley, Look full carbon frame as used by the pro cyclists that weighed as little 70 kg or even less in the 60 kg range as the frames would crack under my weight. Even the pro cyclists at the time used multiple frames every tour due to cracking and fatigue. Ridley frames as used by Robbie MCEwan were renowned for cracking. He didn't do too bad on them tho.
What i am getting at is this....
I understand you are really pissed as you have paid serious money and your product has not the longetivity that you were hoping for....I would be too!
Unfortunately and fortunately for all of us the PWA requires the boards used by its competitors to be readily available to the public. Therefore they are made super light and fast so BD and B ZDS win.
The big benefit for us is that the tolerances of production are finer and we stand a better chance now of getting something close to what the Pros's use.
It's a double edge sword and I personally hope that all you guys get the exception that lasts as long as you hope for and performs to the highest of standards.
Good luck to all and enjoy your sailing.

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