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Default Is 107 2012...Love it!

I finally made the leap from freerace boards to full on slalom in the form of a wood IS 107 2012......saw no reason to wait for the 2013. First session was with a 7m Tush Lightning and 39cm Select S11. I was out for over 2 hours and never even got wet! Gybing was so simple and the board is so stable in choppy water. It took me a little time to find out how to get going early and the technique was not a great deal different to the one I use with my IS 133. I fully expected to have to replace the foostraps ( which I have done on my Is 133 and Kode) but I actually found them to be fine with my thin summer booties.
So many of the posts on Isonics are by heavyweight racers ( understandably) that it is difficult to determine what this board can offer a non racer. So for the benefit of anyone thinking of an Isonic just for fast blasting...try the 107. My main requirements for a board of this size is to perfom in all those winds between bump and jump 5.5/6 weather and summer cruising ( albeit quite quick!) on my IS 133 with a 7.8/8/5. I am not interested in big full on race sails so use twin cams with loads of wind range. The board needs to be good upwind, handle swell and chop, and also glide through lulls and wind shadows. I want to use it mostly with 6.4 and 7m sails. I weigh 77kg. The 107 fits the bill perfectly and has replaced both 110 and 125 freerace boards......and is easier to sail!
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