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Default Windsurfing out of the Olimpics

Hi fellow windsurfers,

I love windsurfing and I have done it for over 10 years. I love sailing more than anything else.
But there is something that has always bug me for years. I've seen windsurfing in the olimpics and when is light wind, it is exremely boring to watch. Not to mention that the gear is boring, plain and out of touch. I do not understand why the RS-X flee looks like that. There is nothing more appealing that watching freestyle, wave riding or slalom races. Full of colors.... and very fun to watch. Why not the same to the olimpic class???
I think Kite has done nothing but being Kitsurfing. The fault of windsurfing being out of the olimpics is windsurfing. Me personally I showed the windsurfing Rs-X on TV to my non-windsurfer friends and they thought this was extremely boring and thought I did the same. I felt sorry for myself and for the competitors. Not to mention this is a very demanding sport and the competitors should deserve credit.
Oh, and I amost forget: I also dislike the Kona race. OMG!!!
Time changes, gear changes, athlete changes, everything changes.... F1 races look totally different than 15 years ago....

I do not blame them.

Is time for windsurfing to learn from their mistakes and make a renovation. Let the new kid bring new and fresh ideas and hopefully the old man get something out from it....

I love windsurfing for life!!!!
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