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Hi mikerb,

I did the same - that is, replaced my Freerace (Futura111) board with the 2012 Isonic107 Carbon. I use a twin cambered 7.5m sail and 38 - 42cm C3 Venoms depending on water conditions. I've only had the board wet 4 times since purchasing it a few months ago but I'm really enjoying it so far. No where near as technical or difficult to sail as I was lead to believe! Only very small issue I have is it is slightly harder to release my back foot going into a gybe. Not a big problem as it comes down to practice and time on the water. But, I have actually only just replaced my Drake straps with Dakine Contours from one of my other boards. I'm looking forward to seeing how that works as I do really like the Contours.
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