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Default Rio S or M ? part II

This is not a reply, but an addition to my first post:
I forgot to add that I would really like to put some time and effort into windsurfing again and thus progress. I'm starting to use a harness, but would like to learn to use the footstraps, to power (and, in time, carve) jibe and to plane.
In that respect, it is not quit clear to me either in what way the GO Windsurfer ( more or less the same volume, a bit wider, but with a narrower tail ) and the Rio S act differently on the water. According to the Starboard specifications the Rio goes with a wider sail range (2-9) compared to the Windsurfer (7-10)
My instructor recommended the Severne Synergy sail pack with a 6.7 and a 4.8 sail to give me and my girlfriend the most opportunities to surf on both light wind and stonger wind days.

Thanks in advance
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