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Question Sail size for a beginner girl


what sail size would you recommend for a 115 lb (52 kg) girl learning to windsurf? She had two short sessions already, so it's not a complete beginner, but still needs to cover the basics (turns & sailing back to the point). Coming from other sports she's a fast learner with good balance.

Learning will be mostly between 5-10 knots of wind on a modern 150-liter board (either my Formula Experience or used Starboard Go or similar).

I was thinking about 3.5-4.0 m2 for a start? Are any particular sail types to be avoided for learning? Budget is important so we were looking for used rigs.

The plan is to learn the basics on a larger board and then move to something smaller, say 115-130 liter where she can progress to harness & straps (and myself use it in higher winds ).
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