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Actually it IS about light weight and easy to handle performance.
More children and spouses are turned against the windsurfing at ANY level
every year due to heavy, difficult to uphaul, inappropriate for the conditions
(I.E. small 4.0 wave sails and high wind sails with no draft used in < 12 knots of wind)
rigs and inappropriate (I.E. tippy; narrow; slippery) boards.

May as wll hand them a piece of plywood with 4.0 m2 area and put it on the oldest tippiiest narrowest
board you can come up with.
If the rig is lightweight, easy to uphaul (mast absolutely the lightest the budget will stand and not
one cm longer than necessary), and provides quite a bit of power and performance in < 10-12 knots
of wind, the "never ever" sailor can spend < 10 minutes on a land simulator, then be sailing on their own,
after about 10 minutes on a tether behind a good instructor.
They can uphaul easily, sail out across the wind (maybe even a little upwind) and sail back to exactly where they started, all in the first 1/2 hour on the water.
We do this all the time with > 100 students per year, so it works.
We get a > 90% success rate with beginners from 8 years old to 80 years old.
Hope this helps,
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