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Default new HD video Phantom 295

a first short video with my new Phantom 295
not too long or diverse because I broke my camera after 20 minutes, sorry

first contact with the board shows many good things
the board is very beautiful
moderate dimensions, moderate weight
it is easy to carry
the fin (new G10 model) and the daggerboard are well designed
daggerboard has a system preventing it from going down unexpectedly
daggerboard is very easy to manoeuver and does not come out of the board deck
mast track is easy to manoeuver

in light wind the board is pleasant, interesting, the volume is well balanced, you feel immediatly at ease, even when tacking with the mast rail full on front
position upwind on the rail is comfortable, but I have not yet fully tested this
in stronger wind, planning is pleasant, fast and controllable despite fin size
jibes are easy

board invites you to play and go further than in and outs
I already went around Giens peninsula (30 kilometers) with it

very very good compromise

for seasoned windsurfers, this board can provide an interesting complement to their quiver, allowing to sail more often and differently, with a more diverse practise

yet it is accessible to all windsurfers including beginners, who will find a board able to welcome them and accompany them along their progression, unlike boards specifically designed for beginners

and it is designed as a monotype regatta board, which can help us rediscover the pleasure and conviviality of broad audience Sunday regattas, which would be so cool

and it is not only for young people, I am 45 years old and weigh 75 kilos

Starboard has clearly dedicated much attention to this design and the result is brilliant
exactly what our sport needs today in my opinion, open to a broader audience
thanks for that to Rémi and all others, keep up the good work

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