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dimitri lagendijk
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Default a troubled mind again

Since my last reply i've had contact with starboard's importer here in holland, and what they have told me troubled me even further. Their reply on footstraps popping out of the board was; These board are made for performance, not for durability. But let's be honest, writing of a board of 1600 euro's within 2 years is a little bit to much for me. Then there was this remark from them that i was gybing wrong, but let's be honest again, how much can one do to gybe the footstraps out of the board?.
So that rubbed me the wrong way as well.
And to top this off, last week while sailing my SB Isonic 107 wood 2011 while gybing again the left footstrap (the whole plug) popped out of the deck as well.
Another wrong gybe in the opinion of SB. So now i am cutting my losses, letting the boards fixed by Brunotti Boards and try to sell them and make the switch to JP or RRD. Otherwise SB will be a very expensive brand to continue with.
I think it is reasonable to say, that it should be quite normal to sail for a couple of years more without having these problems.
Another thing that bothers me, is that SB not even asked me for foto's or whatever, just to take a look at it
And the most anoying to me is not being able to sail on good days, because my gear is being repaired.

Dimitri lagendijk,
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