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Thank you all (incl. Roger) for your advice.
I do realize that the ideal board that can meet every single demand of every member of a family does not exist. However I am not a difficult/negative person and I do believe there must be a board on which we all can have a lot of fun and progress in our windsurfing skills.
My most important concern is to get/keep my girlfriend hooked on windsurfing and thus make it a family sport.
My second concern is that I would like a board (and rigs) on which I can progress to surfing without the daggerboard, in to the straps and harness,… (I really master the basics, also in wind conditions of above 3-4 BFT)
Roger, you have reassured me that the board is suitable form my girlfriend (56 kg), as did the first replier who referred to James Douglas’ calculator. Thanks for that.
About myself (72 kg), I think I first have to try to master the advanced techniques before going to a higher level board, rather than the other way round. So after talking to my surf instructor again we have opted for the Rio S.
What the rigs are concerned, we have ordered the Severne Synergy sail pack 6,7 m2 and an extra 4,8 m2 synergy sail. The Severne website and catalogue does not specify weights or carbon % of the masts for the Synergy line. These rigs are advertised as entry level, so I suppose, they’re not too heavy?!
Of course for my kids (now only 4 and 6 of age) we will have to buy special kids rigs later on.
We will mostly surf on smaller lakes from autumn to fall. So the wind will mostly be 2-4 BFT with, now and then, a day of 5 or 6 BFT.
Comments are still welcome. After we have tested the board and rigs, I will post our experience.
By the way I still do not understand why manufacturers do not specify a ‘recommended weight chart’ for their entry level boards.
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