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Default Straps on the 2011 Kode 103L


I just bought a 2011 Kode 103L and I have got a couple of silly questions about the straps:

1. The installation guide deals with 3 positions for the screws (more control, intermediate and more power). Is it correct there are only 2 positions on the kode 103L? Ok, that was the first stupid question ...

2. I did not succeed in inserting the screws. I prefer to ask before forcing: the antitwist plug and the screws do not enter into the holes because the pad is already 1cm thick and the screw is not that long. They could enter when forcing and pressing on the pad. Is it the "trick"?

3. (May be the best question ...) Should I plug the unused holes for the straps like for the air vent? I guess not but ...

Thank you for your answers and for the board!
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