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Hello Remi,
I have contacted my suplier, your sales-partner directly. They told me it wasn't worth the effort to look at my SB Isonic 131 WC 2010 because it was 25 month old and without any discussion outside the any warranty period.
Considering my SB Isonic W 107 2011 they aren't able to compensate any repairs made to this board even thought it's 13 months old. And better yet, i have sailed this board for like 10 sessions max.
And in the back of my mind i know i could let Brunotti Boards repair this board as well, but then it is just a matter of time before the other strap pops out. cause that's what happened with my 131 as well.
This whole experience is causing me to gybe in another way, thinking about what i am doing in stead of doing my gybes in full auto-mode. In a certain way making me insecure. Every gybe having the idea that the other one will pop out.
I still have both warranty claims, but is it worth the effort to try my luck over there?, cause i'm not aiming for any restitutions.
My only aim is to be taken seriously by SB and not to be blaimed for any production flaws, without any disrespect, i have been gybing several brands for about 20 years now, and my gybing technique hasn't changed in any way, but these two board are my first damages of this kind.
Kind regards,

Dimitri Lagendijk
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