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Hello Remi,
Thanks for your quick reply, though it doesn't help me that much, cause in other words you are saying, SB has already improved the production process, regarding the deck and construction of the footstraps, though i was told by SB that my damages had nothing to do with the manufacturing-proces.
And now it is save to say that i can buy some more 2012 and 2013 boards from SB, considering al my money was spent on boards that weren't that good to begin with.
That's like buying a brand new car, which breaks down every time and the dealership tells you, well if you buy the next model al those faults are fixed. (just outside the warranty)
This for me is the sign to try my luck with another brand. Hoping to be taken more seriously as a custumor then SB did. Nothing personal towards you Remi. Since i have no idea who you are, but you have a better sense of service than your employer does.
It really saddens me to say this is the point of seperation between me and SB.
Kind regards

Dimitri Lagendijk
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