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Default Not all isonics have durability problems

I feel sorry for those that have had durability problems. I just want to say that I think this does not apply to all isonic wood boards. I have the IS101 from 2008 and my board has held up incredibly well. I use this board with 6.4 7.1 and 7.7 sails (it is my only slalom/speed board) and sometimes it is very choppy. I think I have really used this board quite hard since I donít have any smaller board for speed, probably done about 3000km on it and it still feels rock hard. My heels are hurting from running fast over chop so I have often wondered how long the board will manage. Compared to older boards like the f2 axxis that got very soft under the foot after I few years and my RRD FSW from 2004 with carbon deck but glass bottom that gets dented by every little knock on the bottom. I also have to say that my naish wave boards have had very good quality as well. I fully understand that if one board I disappointing you tries something else when you have the chance. I avoid RRD since I had one bad RRD board. I also think one or two years warranty is not worth that much since many boards are not used that regularly. If you sail it 20 times and 2hrs each the one year warranty is in reality a 40hrs of use warranty. I think that the distributors should be extra generous in countries that have a very short sailing season because of the winter.

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