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Red face Fin and rig question for Starboard Rio

Hi. I am pretty new to windsurfing and of course to this forum. I am living in Norway, so due to that my first season is almost over before it even started. I got myself a Starboard Rio M. (206 liters) with a Severne Synergy 7.3 square meters rig. Until now I have been on water 8 times, but probably only 4 of them has been what can bee called sailing. My present level is now that I can somehow tack and gybe in light conditions. I am able to launch and get back. Been in the harness a few times because I could not hold the rig in any other way due to fatigue. I have never been planning, although I have been out in planning conditions (for other windsurfers). I am able to sail my board without the dagger board down on broad reach, and somehow also able to commit to the harness for a small period of time (30-120 seconds before getting thrown off). I probably am a bit heavy for my board being a total beginner, but I feel safe and comfortable with it anyway. I canít see planning happening this year, but I am dreaming about it for the next season. Some stats:
Me, big pie eater at 122 kg (269 lb), 198 cm. tall (6.5Ē).
Conditions are small chops (10- 40 cm.).
Comfortable doing winds up to 7 ms. (13 knots) if not too gusty. I have been out in 9-10 ms, but then I had a terrible time getting back to launch. Not strong enough for that.
Typical winds that people go out in where I live are between 3-8 ms. I am sailing in a small fjord so I will always land some place if not not able to cope.

My first question is if considering my weight and the board, is the stock fin appropriate for me in the long run? This is fin called a Drake Shallow 410.
I have come to learn that the Serverne Synergy maybe is a very basic rig that might not bee perfect for intermediate progression (whenever that starts to happen). Any inputs on sails and sizes?

Finally, I am by far suggesting that my equipment is holding me back, and I have so far enjoyed every second I have been on the water, even when I struggled with the conditions being a bit overwhelming for me.

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