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I have not seen it in person but from the web I guess the Synergy sail is still a good sail that can be put on the plane. At your weight however, it's not large enough to get you on the plane at the windspeed you are confortable. When you will be confortable at 15 kts with your 7.3, you can think moving up to a larger sail and plane more often. A good step would be 9.0 or 9.5. You will then keep your current 7.3 for even higher winds.

I have a Drake Shallow 30 (I guess) and this would benefit from an upgrade when you spend more time on the plane. The good: The fin is quite solid, made of thick heavy platic,so it can hit the bottom in shallow areas without damage. The bad:It is however quite draggy. I don't think it will prevent you from starting to plane, but once you figure out how to plane, you'll want to go fast and the fin will limit you. (Maybe the 41 is different, I cannot tell) You might want to buy a fin that will be a good fit to your future 9.5 when you buy the sail.
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