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Hi Meindert,

yesterday we had wind from the South, which I always find a difficult direction in Zeeland.
I don't know really know a good spot for this wind direction.
I went to Brouwersdam - seaside and hoped to use B&J / wave equipment.
The wind force turned out to be only 18 knots average with peaks till 24, instead of the forecasted 22 average.

After long consideration and seeing a few guys struggling with their 5.5 sails, I've decide to rig my slalom equipment, i.e. IS101 + NP RSR 6.7. It turned out, not a bad choice. The sea was rather flat in the beginning but with nasty and steep chop deeper into the sea. The deeper I went into the sea, the more I got overpowered, mainly because of the pounding steep chop on my way. That's when I decided to go and get my IS87, and wow what a difference ! The thin board worked marvelous in the chop.
So think carefully when you want a slalom oriented board for stronger winds. It's not the wind that overpowers you, it's the chop. Personally, I don't like in these conditions too wide boards and tend to choose very thin and narrow tails, like on B&J boards. If you mainly sail on flat water it's completely different of course.
IS87 / IS101 / RRD114 / US147
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