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Thank you all for answers so far. The main reason why I am asking for advice is that due to the season almost being over her in Scandinavia, a few retailers have clearance sales. It just seemed like an idea to take advantage of this given that I got some input on where to put my money. So far;
I probably will need a bigger sail – That is easy. I can get a Severne Convert 8 or 8,5 30 % off list price. I probably should go for a bigger, but that is the sizes they will give me a reduced price on. Other sizes they have to order specially. So I’ll probably go for the 8,5.
Fin – Nothing specific yet. That is cheaper anyway, so for now I think the sail will be my only upgrade.

Roger – you are absolutely right about my feet’s being more or less all over the place. Being my size and paired with not being a natural when it comes to balancing ability’s, there is much to work on there.
Sailboarder – You are right, I should keep my 7,3. It was so cheap anyway (about than 200 US$), and will be good to have for the windier days. Also for others to use if they want to borrow my board. If I had known ANYTHING I would have waited until next season and got myself the large Rio. Maybe I should try to sell this and get myself the large one, but they do not keep it in stock.

Sailboarder and Unregistered – 10 m sail. That seems to be quite a handful. It must be heavy to up haul in swells, but very encouraging that I might be able to compensate a bit for my big belly with bigger sails. I am interested to learn about the length of your harness lines. In the package I got when I bought the board, I got 28” lines and a Mystique seat harness (the cheapest), and I find so brutally hard to hook in. The hardest part sailing so far. I also feel like my arms are to bent when in the harness. They are almost 50-60 degrees instead of almost strait.

Thank you all, and regards
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