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Might want to try a waist harness (not a seat harness) until you get the hang of being
"hooked in" to the rig and can begin to trust the rig to hold you up on the board.
Harness line balance is very critical here.
If you cannot "let go" of the boom with both hands for a few seconds and have the rig just stay
in position, providing you with steady power, you need to work on balancing the harness lines a
bit more.
The suggestion to get a waist harness is based on it's a higher hook, and quite a bit easier to hook in
and unhook.
Hope this helps,
Oh, yeah, my favorite suggestion to advancing beginner sailors..... You can go dancing in the evening with your significant other.
Dancing on the board will get you wet and have you swimming faster than anything else you can do.
Settle down, place your feet, and keep them there!
I'll be right over with some foot sized pieces of velcro.
We'll put velcro your feet and the other side of the velcro on the board in the correct positons!
.......just kidding!
I understand how hard it is for a big guy to compensate at the hips, when you've been compensating
(on land) with your feet all your life!
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