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Default RE: Q for Remi: Deboichet SL2 vs. Drake?


last season I bought a Sonic 95 (with stock Drake 32) and, after sailing it a bit, I ordered SL2 in 30, 32 and 34.
I totally agree with the above post: "Very nervous and fast with better control in choppy water, and best response in lighter winds". I would also add way better control at speed.
That said, I think there will still be use for my Drake 32 in much confused conditions. If chop is really heavy and totally disorganized, such to limit your speed anyhow, then there would be reduced advantage for the SL2 while the Drake will be a bit easier to control at those lower speeds. In other terms, in my home spot, in classic Summer W to NW breezes I will always use the SL2s; in onshore SW winds, I could decide for the Drake Pro.
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