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Default Board Repair Tips Needed

During a break yesterday after sailing my Starboard iSonic 111, 2008 model, I noticed a small line of water running across the bottom width of my board (board was on its side in direct sunlight).

What I found was a 2.5 cm long, hairline crack in the finish, almost imperceptible. Water was slowing seeping out the crack and running down the board (a dozen drops or so?). I also found a second smaller crack about 15 cm away, but only a couple of drops on the surface.

There is NO damage to the bottom of the board or anywhere for that matter. No dings, scraped, dents, etc. The cracks must be stress related. Also, no bubbling of the skin, or appearance of any delamination. I had to put tape next to the cracks for fear that I could not find them again because they are so fine.

My issue is, what do I have? Just a little water under the skin? a crack that goes through to the foam (hard to believe), what is the next layer below the paint, and what type of repair is needed?

A thin coat of epoxy over the cracks?
Try to cut and peel off the skin (what is, and how thick is the skin) around the crack and fill in with epoxy?
Cut out the damaged part down to the foam and fill in?

Suggestions would be appreciated.
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