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Default Looking for help

I am considering buying a used board locally. I am 200 lbs 6'0 and 32 years old. I did windsurf a little bit back in high school but it has been a few years. So I am basically a beginner that should pick it back up quickly. The board that I am looking at is:

Comet F2 340 with a F2 Arrow sail

board 340 cm long 64 cm wide 26lbs
sail- 6.1 square meters
boom- 200 cm
Luff 480 cm

I live in Virginia Beach near the water so I would be able to sail in numerous conditions.

My questions are:

What would this setup be worth in terms of $?

Would this be a good board to start with?

Is it too advanced or too beginner for me if I plan on picking it up again quickly?

Does my weight match the board?

Would I need to buy other sails? If so what is the general cost of a good sail?

Is the board too old? Will I be trying to find parts that dont exist anymore? I believe the board was made in 95 or 96

Anything else I should need to know?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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