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I have my chair of expience with old board (my sister is still working with her new pimped fanatic 340, which is from before she was born). That board of her matches the description you gave on the F2 so i don't doubt they should look alike, appart from construction materials etc. Technically, you should be able to haul your sail out of the water with th geatest ease but jibing on this bloke is going to be a bitch. If you could give me more info on the amount of liters of the board (thouh i estimate it would be around 160).
What problems you may face with this board is that it's mastfoot is outdated. Nowadays every board has a modern click system which is costum on all the board all around the world. however, in my experience with elder board (we have a chipper in the garage), i found that all mastfoots, with a bit of immagination can be adjusted to modern standards (unscrew here, add something there, fasten here, badabang badaboem you're using a 2007 sail on a 1982 board :d)
Is there any way you can get any photo's of the board u intend to get because for the price i can only tell u this, don't go over 150 euro's, so in dollars that somewhere around 165 USD.
on its use, i can only guess. It's a longboard so in lightwind you'll be beating the racers on the water and in heavier conditions 4-5 bft you can go pretty fast but these boards don't plan because of their weight and length. For beginners these boards are great, and i love that fanatic 340 of my sister when i have light winds but once the conditions come more to a reasonable level i find it isn't agile enough and too slow. Also, you tend to grow out of these boards quite fast and keep them for vintage days on the water.

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