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I am an old slalom sailor who turned freestyle but now want to do some slalom again, at least in light winds. My level is ok and the thing I loved about slalom was going into jibes full speed and come out full speed. I also love the speed and miss that in my sailing. I am 1.72 cm and 72 kilos.

I am looking at the 2013 iSonic 110. I want is as my light wind set up and want to go out in search of wind to get some good sailing before I get enough power to have fun on my 92 liters freestyle and a 5.8/5.4 sail.

Right now I am thinking about getting a Neil Pryde H2 8.2 (2 easy rotating cambers and slim mast sleeve) for the board. Reason for that is to have something that is easy handling also when I am not planing. Later I will probably ad a full on 7.8 race sail to extend the upper range and max speed.

What do you think of my choice? Will a H2 8.2 work? I am thinking 110 over 107 because I read that it is better in my typical conditions with flat water and not so much chop. I am also thinking that at my weight I will not need going bigger than the 75 cm wide 110.

If slalom turns out really fun I guess I will ad a iSonic 97 as well and smaller sails.
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