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Here is an update. I started grinding down and found that although the smaller than hair line cracks in the paint were not just superficial, but did go down to the foam in one but not the other. I ground around until those cracks as well as some other cracks running perpendicular from the surface crack were no longer visible. I have two holes, one quarter size and one half dollar size. I let it dry in the sun for a few hours (seems like the wood was damp).

Where the foam was exposed (only in the bigger hole), I filled in with some "chopped up glass fibers" then some epoxy, then a layer of glass more epoxy & another layer of glass & epoxy. The other hole - epoxy, glass and epoxy. Tomorrow, both holes will need to be completely filled with one more layer of glass and epoxy to finish it off. A friend suggested I do it in two sessions since too much epoxy could overheat and cause damage to the foam.

I am sure this will do the trick, but the damage appears to have been the result of several years of pounding in small chop and are stress fractures and not related to any impacts. Hopeful there will be no more problems.

I check the Board Lady web site and didn't find anything similar to my problem, but there were other helpful pieces of information.
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