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Cool Boards too small ???

Why are so many sailors sailing boards that are basically too small ???

I see it everywhere I go. Canaries, Uk etc etc... See sailors wallowing about; fluffing gybes moaning about poor conditions, saying wind isnt what it used to be blah blah blah but insist on sailing small "fashionable" boards with expensive bullet proof wave sails when all they need is a decent freeride with perhaps 15 litres more volume and 5cm more width and a metre more sail ... Its reaching epidemic proportions...

I reckon so many get carried away (not literally) with the "kode/quad etc etc" type hard sell/ego boost/wave head syndrome when really they should be on the mundane (seen as) carves and planing instead of moaning and belittling freeride kit....

Perhaps I`m looking for it but it seems there is a scenario sailors go through.. Leran to sail (on big kit) , get mid sized kit and improve then flog it all buy wave kit and then stop sailing (or take up kiting)
Some realise there is the right size kit for the given conditions; keep 3 boards and sail the wave kit when its advantageous... But its getting fewer !!! Its the one board only syndrome but they have the one board that hardly ever works !!!
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