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I'm afraid I have to agree with the topic starter.

Just checked my spreadsheet.
This year, I have up till now 23 WS sessions of which only 5 with my small wave kit, i.e. a 83L FSW board which I only use starting from 21+ average. BUT, I still remember these 5 days as the best of the season ! So, I think that EVERY windsurfer should own this kind of kit, despite the fact that one might only use it a few times per year.

The mistake that many make is that they get so stoked about using this equipment, that they want to use it all the time. Wrong of course.

Look at me, I have 4 slalom boards (planning to reduce it to 3) which I used in 18 of my 23 sessions. I would be missing out on a lot of fun if I would not own it. Unfortunately the bigger the kit, the more expensive it gets and the more you need of it. This could also be an important factor regarding this subject.
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