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Hi Farlo,

When we have 25 average on the North Sea, we often have peaks till 35 and a huge swell building up, depending if it's onshore or side shore.
Although the sail size of 5.5 could perhaps still be manageable, it is rather the board size of 65/103L that would kill me.
Even on our big lakes near the sea, without protection of a dam, I could encounter giant chop.

20/22 average up to 25 is something completely different of course, and for sure I would take my 5.5 sail in these conditions, BUT not a 65/103L board. In stead I would also use my 57/83L wave board in big chop or my IS87 + 5.7 or even 6.7 on fairly flat water.

I think that in high winds, i.e. 21+ average, the water state will play a much more important role in chosing the "right" kit.
IS87 / IS101 / RRD114 / US147

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